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Four Percent Challenge

Four Percent Challenge

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Four percent review

Today I’m gonna be reviewing Vick Strizheus’s 4% Group Challenge & System, what exactly is it?

Its not a scam but because Vick has allowed affilaite opportunity for this program, now you have many people joining this program for the sole purpose of promoting it to others. Therefore its difficult to find a geunine review out there now and Vick’s business model is starting to look a bit too similar to network marketing pyramid scheme which he was involved with in the past allegedly.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with offering the ability for your customers to promote your product if the product itself is actually good enough to produce results for people.

But I’m gonna be laying out some of the challenges that students may face with what Vick’s showing inside 4% and how you can avoid the common pitfalls facing many broke & frustrated affiliate marketers today.

Also why I let go of affiliate marketing and went with local lead genenerationinstead and never looked back! A biz model that I’m ACTUALLY using every day in 2019 to make money with.

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Vick Strizheus, Apparently He Was Involved with Some Scams in the Past

The founder of 4% Percent Challenge, Vick Strizheus has a storied past of going to prison for committing insurance scam of $30,000, there’s videos of him in the courtroom facing the sentence.

He has personally addressed this and has said that he has made mistakes in the past and he has learned from them but he was also involved with another issue with his other product Big Idea Mastermind, where he was found guilty of switch people’s affiliate links to his own so that he can make more money, allegedly.

For the sake of this review, we’ll give Vick the benefit of the doubt and just take a look at his current business model and what you’ll actually get from the 4% Group.

How the Four Percent System Works

So once you join there’s 7 steps to this process.

Derrick Swansey

So what does all these steps actually mean?

Well according to Vick his idea of activating “multiple streams of income” means promoting multiple different affiliate offers. He believes that’s the one of the main reason affiliates fail because they’re promoting offers that’s not a great a fit for the their audience.

IMO, the biggest reason for affiliates failing is failure to consistently produce adequate amounts of revenue, and Vick only teaches display type of paid advertising strategy for traffic, not raining on free traffic generation, so that’s 1 strike against his course for me.

Anyways Vick recommends which products to promote, but again this is pretty slick way of getting more affiliate commission for Vick, most of these products I think people tend to promote anyway already. Nothing really surprised me about this list:

In order to promote these products, you have to first buy them which is why I listed the price. This is on top of the price of the program.

4 Percent Group Price

Then the members get a done for you funnel builder where you can enter you affiliate ID and promote these various products.

Again, for me picking these products and creating a funnel is like the easy part of affiliate marketing.

The real question is how are you going to generate the traffic?

How Does Vick’s Students Generate Traffic?

Bit disappointed that there’s no real great social proof confirming that students are actually getting great results with his paid display ads strategy. I’ve tried it in the past and my results were pretty bad.

For a newbie, using paid ads to promote affiliate links can be a big mistake because you’re only making commission you really don’t have that much profit margin for the ad spend.

Free traffic is the way to go as an affiliate but that’s the challenge.

Try ranking for “Aweber review” good luck with that page 1 is dominated by uber powerful sites.

You see, affiliate marketing used to be a lot more viable for newbies to make money back in 2012.

In 2019, its one of the most competitive online business models, which is why I recommend local lead generation now, where the competition is so much easier, a newbie can still do great.

So how does Vick’s students prdocue results without any SEO training inside the four percent group?

Many are making youtube videos…

Which is a free traffic strategy that still doesn’t require any additional skill other than to make a video.

But what does it take to succeed with Youtube?

One student reported that he uploaded a video everyday for 9 month, till he started to see some success. He literally didn’t miss a day. If he was going on vacation or out of town, he would make several videos in one day and he would post it later.

That’s the kind of grind required to make some affiliate money with youtube now. And its only gonna get harder from here as more and more people try this method and make similar types of videos that you’re making.

This really is not my favorite approach and I don’t like this business model of only relying on 1 channel of traffic where your answer to get results is through sheer volume.

Why is there a saying, work smarter not harder.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t go do this, by all means you should do this if that’s the only skill you have. Making youtube videos.

But this is why its important to get the mentors that’ll teach you more skills

The Biggest Thing Lacking in 4 Percent Group and Why Affiliate Marketing Is Suicide for a Beginner

I live by this moto: momentum creates motivation.

Trying to generate legit traffic for affiliate marketing is like trying to climb Mount Everest and you’ve never climbed a single mountain before.

You’re going to be extremely inefficient at it. Its going to take you a long time and the lack of momentum over a long period will eventually kill your motivation.

The only people making money with 4 Percent Group are the affiliates that’s promoting 4 Percent Group, which Vick recommends numerous times throughout the training as something that you can promote but this is getting kinda close to network marketing / mlm model now where you recruit people for the sole purpose of promoting the business opportunity attached to the program not the actual material.

This is not a sustainable business model because there’s only so many spots on the first page of search result for Google & Youtube.

People with much higher level ranking skills (such as myself and other online marketers) have already dominated the first page for “4 Percent Group Review” types of keywords.

So again you can choose to promote 4 Percent Group, that’s your prerogative, but how are you gonna actually generate traffic for yourself?

Vick certainly doesn’t teach you any organic ranking skills.

You can try the display ads (which has failed me in the past) and hopefully you get some results or at least you don’t lose too much money but what if those ads don’t do good as well as you thought?

Then as a newbie your only option is uploading youtube videos on a daily basis, but man what a grind that will be as I’ve explained above.


Vick’s 4% Group shows you how to use Vick’s funnel to promote multiple offers to your email list, he also teaches you some display ad network paid traffic strategy.

No real SEO training or ways to generate free traffic was a disappointment.

What I recommend is just go through this local lead generation coacing programinstead, learn the skill of building real websites & ranking it in the local search engines so you can begin building your very own digital assets that’s gonna pay you month after month.

In local marketing you can quickly become the big fish in a little pond. So the results come faster, and results create momentum, which will give you the on-going motivation needed to finally succeed online.

Affiliate marketing is like jumping into an ocean as a small fish, you can’t compete with all the big time marketers already dominating the space. Its only recommended to those that already have a large audience or following, they got so much traffic they don’t know what to do with it.

But if you’re desperate for money and you got no traffic, and you want to get to 6 figures as fast as you can. Affiliate marketing is ill-advised.

Local lead gen is where its at. Peep the course for it here.

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7 responses to “Four Percent Challenge”

  1. Rob Kent says:

    Like your website. I see on the Four Percent Facebook that Vlad speaking for Vick is going to try to prevent us from having websites with the words “Four Percent” in them. I question this tactic. Even if he has copyrighted these words it does not apply to my website registration. Maybe using his pictures may.

    I registered “TheFourPercentChallenge.com” and am building it to promote the 4% Group and “The Challenge”. If I am successful Vick gets 50% of the revenue in his pocket. He should welcome this income.

    I will protest strongly if he tries to shut me down as I have 3 registered .com sites with Four Percent name in them.
    Would be interested in hearing your opinion on the matter. I think together we can change his mind.

  2. Matt Zed says:

    I am so excited to be taking this challenge, I am currently on day 23! Cant wait to progress to level 2!

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  6. Freebies says:

    Thank you for another informative website. Where else could I get that kind of information written in such a perfect way? I have a project that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.

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