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The National Institute of Health discovered the Endocannabinoid
system (ECS) more than 30 years ago. The ECS is one of the most vital
regulatory systems within the human body which is comprised of a
group of molecules called “cannabinoids” and their cannabinoid
receptors. There are about 80+ cannabinoid compounds in the
cannabis plant. The ECS keeps internal bodily functions stable and
controls how we think, feel, and react. Cannabinoids we consume
interact with receptors in the body to produce different effects. Those
receptors include: the brain, heart, teeth, stomach, skin, bowels,
kidneys, liver, lungs, and eyes.                                                                                                                            Comment Below this Article for your Free Website !    Or  Press The Link in Description at the Top of this page  then Press it and Sign Up Free Using This CODE : TGIF                                                                                                                                                                                                   

What You Need To Know About Taking CBD Oil With Other Medications

If you are taking a homeopathic cure for pain, you don’t need to worry about it interacting with another drug. That’s because homeopathic medicines are sugar pills or simple moisturizing creams. They contain no active ingredients. That’s not to say the placebo effect can’t make them appear effective, it’s just to say there’s nothing in them to interact with other drugs.                             No automatic alt text available.

This is not the case for CBD oil. CBD is an active ingredient and that means you need to pay careful attention if you intend to take it whilst using other drugs or medications.

The Simple Way To Approach This

The best way to approach taking more than one active ingredient is this: talk to your personal physician and ask them what the possible interactions are and whether or not it’s OK to take the two at once.

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You cannot beat this approach and while we will take a look at the best-known interactions, CBD oil research is still undergoing and new data is constantly emerging. Your doctor will keep themselves up to date and ensure they know what’s going on – so ALWAYS seek their opinion. It could save your life.

Cytochrome P-450 And CBD Oil

CBD oil has been shown to have some impact on what is known as the Cytochrome P-450 system in the body.

Why does this matter? Well, while you may not have heard the term Cytochrome P-450 bandied about, it’s a very important part of your body’s chemistry.

Almost 60% of active ingredients processed by your body are processed with the Cytochrome P-450 system. CBD oil has been shown to slow this process down. It’s not the only thing to do so – grapefruit and St. John’s Wort are among many ingredients that do similar things to this system.

However, this does mean that taking CBD oil may have some impact on the absorption and processing of up to 60% of all medicines and drugsImage result for healthy place botanicals

Common drugs affected include steroids, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, NSAID’s and more.

This is why it is so vital that you discuss your CBD oil use with your physician if you are taking any kind of medicine. It is not possible for us to gauge the possible consequences of the interaction of all the different compounds out there and the wrong advice can be very dangerous, indeed.

Your physician may want to test the Cytochrome –450 process and its level of effectiveness in your body. This is fine and can help them better adjust dosages, etc. of medicines to suit your metabolism.                                 

One peculiar known interaction of CBD oil is with alcohol. CBD oil and alcohol taken at the same time lead to lower levels of blood alcohol than the same amount of alcohol taken on its own. We are not certain as to why this is – but it suggests that CBD might help protect your liver from binge-drinking! So, not all interactions are problematic.

Don’t take any risks with any medicine, always seek medical advice before combining one with another.                   

Is CBD Oil Legal In Australia?

CBD Oil around the world is a complex business. There is a growing consensus among the medical and scientific establishment that CBD oil is something of a miracle and it can tackle many severe medical issues, as well as helping to manage chronic pain.

Unfortunately, because CBD oil is made from cannabis – its legal status around the world is something of a grey area. So, let’s head to a Land Down Under and examine how Australia is dealing with its CBD oil demand.

CBD Is A Schedule 4 Drug

CBD oil is a Schedule 4 drug in Australia. That means anywhere in the country, if you have a valid prescription for CBD oil, you may purchase it from a pharmacy and use it legally.

However, there are many reported cases of CBD oil being seized by both police and customs in Australia – who seem to have interpreted the law differently from the medical establishment.

This means that visitors are going to need to approach this with some caution. Recent news suggests that only 23 doctors have the right license to prescribe these products in the country and getting these prescriptions filled is something of a nightmare.

It is worth noting that so far no-one has been arrested for importing or using hemp-based CBD oil products, such as those sold in the United States, but… this matter could change at any time.


We don’t think it’s a good idea for foreigners to import or use CBD oil-based products in Australia at this moment in time. We think the legal situation is too murky and while Australian citizens may get an easy time if caught; we suspect other passport holders will not. Don’t take any risks for your CBD oil.


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CBD oil is an extract derived from cannabis containing a cannabinoid known as “cannabidiol.”

More than 85 different cannabinoids have been discovered in cannabis, but CBD is one of the most beneficial.

CBD it is not a typical medical marijuana product.  Most medical marijuana products contain high concentrations of another cannabinoid called THC, which stands for “tetrahydrocannabinol.”  THC is the psychoactive substance in cannabis which produces a high.

CBD oil on the other hand is derived from hemp (it can also be derived from marijuana). There is THC in hemp, but it is present only in trace amounts and should be less that 0.03 percentage wise.  This means that it has no psychoactive effect.  What it does however have is a remarkable painkilling effect.

Indeed, CBD oil is one of the most potent natural painkillers on the market right now, and can be used to treat numerous different conditions.  Its increasing availability means that it is now easier than ever to find a high-quality CBD oil product and have it delivered right to your door.  Hopefully, it may help end the opioid epidemic.

You can watch big pharma panic right now as they do everything in their power (lobbyists, disinformation, etc..) to try and prevent the full legalization of CBD.  There is a reason for that reaction- they know that CBD can wipe out their profits in the opioid industry.   May special attention to the 2018 Farm Bill, which would legalize hemp based CBD products in the US.

cbd oil

If you’re trying to relieve pain, for example, but still need to function at work, an extract with high CBD level would be beneficial.

And, there are several different ways you can use CBD as a way to improve your health and / or manage symptoms of chronic illnesses.

How Does CBD Work?

With the medical use of marijuana finally starting to gain traction and come into the mainstream throughout the US, other cannabis-based products such as CBD oil are at last beginning to come into popular use.

If you are new to CBD for pain and inflammation relief, you probably have quite a few questions.  What are the main benefits of CBD oil?  How does CBD oil work?  What are its effects?  And how do you go about purchasing the highest quality CBD oil on the market?

We are going to address all of these questions and concerns in-depth.  By the time you have read our 101 guide, you will be a CBD oil expert, ready to go out and make your first purchase for fast and natural pain relief.

Why Should You Use CBD Supplements?

Why try CBD supplements instead of sticking with the painkiller you are using right now? 

Well, here are a few reasons:

  • CBD is natural, safe, and side effect-free for most users.  A few users do report minor side-effects such as drowsiness or reduced blood pressure, but most users report only a reduction in inflammation and pain.
  • For many users, the pain relief from CBD oil is so powerful that it is possible to get off of medication.  That means getting away from nasty side effects and health risks.  NSAIDs for example can cause stomach ulcers, heightened blood pressure, and liver or kidney issues.  Overuse of such medications may also lead to rebound headaches and other unpleasant symptoms.
  • CBD oil is affordable.  It may look expensive at first glance, but once you do the math and divide by the doses, you will discover that it is quite reasonable.
  • CBD can help with a lot of different conditions—everything from acne to diabetes.  This is something we will get into later on in the article.  The bottom line is that you may purchase the oil to treat one health issue, and discover that the oil actually ends up clearing up several.

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