“Here’s An Easy Way To Add Search Engine Friendly, Regularly Updated Content To Your WordPress Blogs”
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“Here’s An Easy Way To Add Search Engine Friendly, Regularly Updated Content To Your WordPress Blogs”

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Dear Friend,

Are you currently adding “self-updating content” to your blog posts?

If not, then you are missing out on some really amazing benefits.

To include “self updating content” in your blogs, you take an “RSS feed” published by another website and add it to your own blog posts (usually at the end of the post).

By doing this, you can get more visitors, boost your income and get a higher ranking in the search engines.

In a moment, I’ll explain exactly how RSS feeds achieve this – and how you can easily add them to your blogs.

But first, I want to explain exactly what an RSS feed is, just in case you’re not sure...

What is an RSS feed?

RSS feeds are special web pages that contain a summary of the latest information on a particular topic. They can be used for anything that has regular updates.

What is an RSS feed? RSS feeds are special web pages that contain a summary of the latest information on a particular topic. They can be used for anything that has regular updates.

Examples include latest eBay auctions, current Amazon bestsellers, latest Twitter tweets, latest news stories/sports results/stock market prices and lots more.

Loads of websites publish RSS feeds.      

You can take an RSS feed and insert it directly inside your own blog posts, turning the news stories or other content into ordinary content.Since the RSS feed content is regularly updated, this means that your blog updates continually and automatically.

Why would I want continually updated content?

Because it gives your visitors a reason to return to your blog regularly, since you are always offering fresh content. 

More importantly, it’s good for your search engine ranking, as the search engines love regularly updated content. The great beauty of using RSS feeds is that all the continual updates of your content are done automatically, without you so much as lifting a finger!

Now that I’ve explained what an RSS feed is – and what the benefits are – let’s take a look at what sort of content they can add to your blog…

   Easily Add RSS Feeds To Your Blogs

There are loads of RSS feeds available on the Internet from all sorts of different sources

Examples are using an RSS feed that shows the latest stock market prices on a finance related blog, or using an RSS feed that shows the latest sports results on a sport blog.

You can add content from any RSS source to your blog by using the RSS Feed Tool.

Here’s a screenshot of this tool:

Simply fill in the short form to instantly create your WordPress plugin.

You can use any RSS feed source, just by entering the web address of the RSS feed. The software includes full instructions on how to find suitable RSS feeds and how to get the web address of the feed.

When you have entered your details, the software will instantly generate the plugin.

The plugin can automatically append the RSS content to the end of every post, or just append it to the first post shown on each page. Alternatively, you can add the content to specific posts/pages.

Optimized Performance

The plugin incorporates “caching” technology to ensure that the RSS feeds do not slow down your web pages.

The content is read and processed from the RSS feed source once an hour (or other period specified by you).

This means there is very little overhead on your web server from using the plugins – and your blog should load just as quickly as normal.

Special Theme And Plugin Installer Tools Included

The software includes our special
Theme and Plugin Installer Tools.

These offer an easy way to install themes (to change the look and feel of your blogs) and plugins (to add features to your blogs).

Although WordPress includes features to install themes and plugins from within the blog admin system, these features do not work on many web hosts.

Our Theme and Plugin Installer Tools offer a simple alternative.

Here’s a screenshot of the Theme Installer Tool (the Plugin Installer looks identical).

To use the Installer Tool, just put the theme (or plugin) files into a folder on your PC and then use the Browse button to select that folder

If your blog is set up in a folder on your website, enter the name of the folder into the second box (otherwise leave the box blank).

Click the FTP Setup button and enter your website domain name along with your web hosting user name and password. These details are remembered for future use. Click the Upload button and everything (files and any subfolders) will be uploaded automatically to the correct place on your blog automatically.

Use On All Your Blogs    
The software is licensed for use on an unlimited number of blogs, so you can use it on every blog you own, without paying any extra. 

Requirements: Blogs must be WordPress blogs on your own web hosting (i.e. NOT on wordpress.com). Ideally you should be using the latest version of WordPress, but the plugins should work with any version of WordPress from 2.6 onwards. The tools that create the plugins require a PC running Microsoft Windows (any version).

Support For WordPress Multisite: WordPress Multisite is and advanced WordPress feature that allows a single installation of WordPress to operate multiple blogs. This software supports Multisite as long as each blog is on a different domain or subdomain (which is the normal use of Multisite).

Earnings Disclaimer: Although RSS feeds can be an effective form of income generation and can boost search engine rankings, the results are dependent on many factors outside our control, including the blog content, blog design and RSS feeds used. We are not therefore able to give any guarantees about the search engine position or income that you will attain by using this software.    

Derrick Swansey : Afilliate Central


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